quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2008

Transcrição do Pedido de Documentos

Para que aqueles que aguardam a famosa cartinha (que, ao menos para nós, foi substituída por um simples e festejado e-mail), e para que sirva também de guia para as dúvidas que registrarmos aqui doravante, decidimos transcrever o conteúdo:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is the Canadian Consulate General, Visa Section in São Paulo and this refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada.

Our office is now ready to assess your file, therefore we are sending you a complete list of the required documents. Please note that you have 4 months to prepare and submit the supporting documentation. Documents must be submitted in a single package mailed or delivered to the address indicated below. Do not submit any documents until you have prepared the entire package. Please make sure to refer to your "B" file number given to you with the "Acknowledgement of receipt letter" when submitting documents or communicating with us.

Immigration Forms

An updated application form (IMM008) for yourself, your spouse, and each of your children of 18 years and over. These forms are available here
- Application for Permanent Residence in Canada ( IMM0008) for principal applicant only
- Schedule 1, Background Declaration (IMM0008)
- Additional Family Information form (IMM5406)
- If you are in common-law union, please fill-out the form Statutory Declaration of common-law union (IMM5409), available here

Civil Documents

The following documents will be required, if applicable, for yourself, your spouse, and for each of your dependent children;

- Birth certificates
- Marriage certificates
- Divorce certificates
- Child custodianship/guardianship
- Adoption decrees
- Death certificates in the case of widow/widower


The following documents are required, as applicable, for yourself, your spouse, and for each of your dependent children over age 22.

- Official transcript(s) for secondary and post-secondary courses.
- Diploma(s) for secondary and post-secondary courses, e.g. Technical/Bachelor/Masters/Doctorate

Work History (work experience for the last ten years)

- Employment contract, work booklet.
- Last three pay slips issued by your present employer.
- Employment reference letter indicating your position, duration of employment and duties.

If you are self-employed, you must provide:
- Copies of business registration.
- Proof of business conducted with clients, such as invoices/bills.
- Balance sheets.
- Income tax returns.
- Proof of your license to practice (if you are a private practitioner)

Proof of Funds

- Bank statements.
- Income Tax declaration.
- Fixed deposit receipts.
- Securities (shares, debentures, bonds)

Other Documents

- Authorized language test results (IELTS, TEF) or a written submission providing evidence of your stated language ability.
- Passport photocopies.
- Proof of relationship to your relative in Canada. (Self-sworn affidavits do not constitute satisfactory proof of relationship.)
- Recent original Police Clearance Certificates for you or your dependents aged 18 years and above, issued by the police authorities for each country, including Canada, in which you or your dependants have resided for six months or more since you turned 18 years.
- Photographs as per specifications available on link below, height and eye colour information for principal applicant and all dependents.

Information on how to obtain the Police Clearance Certificates is available here
For the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Certificate please refer here

Additional documentation may be required if deemed necessary. For all documents please provide uncertified photocopies unless specified otherwise.

Should you require further information regarding the above documents, you may consult here

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Taís Jacques disse...

Vocês não precisam se preocupar ,o meu pedido dos documentos também foi feito somente por e-mail. Como no início achei estranho, resolvi mandar um e-mail perguntando se deveria esperar uma carta e quando o prazo de 4 meses começava a contar, a Maria João disse que meu processo começava mesmo da data enviada por e-mail. Devo enviar meu documentos até final de abril.

Uma ótima sorte a todos nós!!

Taís Jacques